Supporting the Bedford Museum Summer History Camp 2022

Chartered 19 November 2005 

Date of Rank 9 October 2005

Camp Orders

CO 1 - 2021.pdf CO 1 - 2021.pdf
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 Celebrating our seventeenth year of service honoring the memory of the Boys in Blue 1861- 1865

Meetings of the Taylor-Wilson Camp #10 occur on the 1st Thursday of January, March, May, July, September, and November beginning at 6:30 PM.  We normally meet at the Depot Grill, the former N&W Freight House,  which is located at the foot of 9th Street in Lynchburg

Our Next Meeting:

date: SEPTEMBER 1, 2022

Location: Depot grill

Note: At this meeting we will hold elections for 2022 and the department Commander will install the officers.

Special Notes:  Looking to Become a member you can join as either a hereditary member or an associate.  Contact the Camp by using the link on the contact us tab on this website. 

Current Department Of the Chesapeake Newsletters
Chesapeake Gazette Spring 2021.pdf Chesapeake Gazette Spring 2021.pdf
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Special Announcements:

At the Taylor-Wilson Camp meeting on 4 May 2021, PDC Jay Rarick presented awards to Dr. Clifton W. Potter PhD. and Dr. Charles Driscoll M.D. for their service to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Dr. Clifton W. Potter was awarded the department of the Chesapeke's Andrew Johnson Outstanding Service Medal

 Dr. Charles Driscoll was awarded the Department Level Jerome W. Kowalski Chaplains award for Ministry

he Taylor-Wilson Camp is very proud of these Brothers for their dedication to the Order and to the Brothers of the Camp 

The Taylor-Wilson Camp would also like to salute Sister Barbara J. Day of the Taylor-Wilson Auxiliary #10 on her election to a second term as the President of the Department of the Chesapeake Auxiliary to Sons of Union veterans of the

Important Recent General Orders of  the Commander-in-Chief 
GO 23 - Revocation of Camp Charter.pdf GO 23 - Revocation of Camp Charter.pdf
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General Order No. 14 2020-2021 - Lobbying.pdf General Order No. 14 2020-2021 - Lobbying.pdf
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To view a complete list of  General Orders please go to and click the governance link and then click the Orders of the CinC link
Recent Department Orders and Advisories from  Department of the  Chesapeake Commander 
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Department Order No 2 (20210417).pdf Department Order No 2 (20210417).pdf
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To view a complete list of Department Orders use the link below               

Upcoming Special Events:

1.  Date TBD - Annual Lincoln Birthday Dinner

The Brothers and Sisters of the Taylor Wilson Camp #10 & Auxiliary are encouraged  to attend all of the events that we have listed on your schedule.   We also encourage our members to invite friends and family to witness the work of our camp and auxiliary in the Lynchburg region.



Information on the 2022 Department of the Chesapeake Annual Encampment will be made available as soon as it is promulgated

James River Rifles Sons Veterans Reserve Information:

The Annual Reports for the James River Rifles have been submitted and the Unit is current for 2021.   

 Our Purpose / Mission

The Taylor-Wilson Camp 10 is a heritage group.  We are primarily interested in identifying and preserving the memory of the 'Boys in Blue" of the American Civil War.  To accomplish this the Taylor-Wilson Camp seeks to identify the burial location of Union soldiers, who died as the result of the war and also those of soldiers who took up residence in the Lynchburg area following the war.  Additionally the camp works to mark the significant sites of Union activity, such as the Lynchburg prisoner of war camp, which existed on what is now the site of E.C. Glass High School.

     In addition to the items discussed above our camp works directly and in cooperation with other heritage groups and historic sites to preserve the history of our nation.  Taylor-Wilson is dedicated to educating the public on the lasting legacy of the Civil War on the development of America. 


Taylor-Wilson Camp 10 petitioned for membership in the Sons of Union veterans in May of 2005 and received its charter from the National organization of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War on 19 November 2005 

Our Charter members are

Clifton w. Potter Jr.

Charles E. Driscoll

Timothy N. Ake

James H. Scranton

Kenneth G. Rowlette

Kevin E. Shroyer

Douglas J. Richardson

Mark R. Day


We welcome all who share in our goals to  join with us in the preservation of the history of our nation