There are two methods of applying for membership to the Taylor-Wilson Camp #10 Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

1. The applicant can use an online application form, which is then forwarded to the Junior Vice Commander in Chief of the SUVCW and processed through the National and State organizations.  To use this option go to and then select the membership link.  This should lead you to an option to download the online forms.

2. The applicant can contact the Camp using the Contact Us tab on this sites homepage or go to the Department of the Chesapeke webpage and us the Contact Us link  found there.

Whichever method the applicant chooses the following information outlines the types of membership that are offered and the requirements that need to be meet.

Membership Types and Requirements

1. Regular membership - those who are decended from Union Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and members of the Revenue Cutter Service during the Civil War (or directly decended from a brother, sister, half-brother, or half-sister of such soldiers. etc.) who were mustered and served honorably in, or were honorably discharged from, or died in the service of, the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Revenue Cutter Service of the United States of America or in such state regiments called to active service and subject to the orders of United States general officers, between April 12, 1861, and April 9, 1865

They must never have been convicted of any infamous or heinous crime nor can the ancestor through whom membership is claimed ever have voluntarily borne arms agasint the government of the United States

2. Associate membership - those who are not directly decended from Union soldiers but who share in the goals and purposes of the organization and demonstrte a genuine interest in the Civil War. 

They must also meet the requirements to have not been convicted of a infamous or heinous crime nor can they have ever voluntarily borne arms agasint the government of the United States. 

An associate may vote and can hold any elected or appointed offices other than that of Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

3. Juniors - are young men 6-14 who are the direct decendants of Union Soldiers and meet the same requirements as those for regular membership.